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<h1>Family Statement</h1>“We are a passionate family that just wants to make a difference by educating people about the negative impact animal agriculture has on the animals, our planet and biodiversity and our health…And, YES, we are all vegetarians!” 
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We always have a good laugh…Wally is always on the move and we can never find him!! <h1>Causes</h1>

How do we choose our causes? Well, it’s simple…if it aligns with our values and vision, then we would love to get involved where we can. 
Other not- for – profit organisations we work with:
<li>Environmental Organisations </li>
<li>Animal Rights Groups</li>
<li>Spiritual Organisations</li>
<li>Health organisations/events</li>
<li>Meat Free Mondays</li>

Welcome to the Fry’s Family Foundation!

The Fry’s Family Foundation is committed to developing partnerships and programs throughout the world that serve to promote the interests of animals. We work collaboratively with a range of organisations to achieve the goals of empowering people, protecting our environment and alleviating the suffering of livestock around the world. Our “Principles before Profits” ethos is how we ensure that we put the strength of the Fry’s Family Foods’ business resources and people to work in enhancing our natural environment and the people and animals that inhabit it.


Wally Fry is passionate about the environment, particularly where food production and farming is concerned. More specifically, he is well known for his determination in highlighting the detrimental impact that the meat, fish, poultry and dairy industries currently have on the planet…click here to see where Wally is now!

Latest News

Corporate Social Investment

Fry’s visits Hillary and Carrington Heights

The Fry’s team took some time out the office to help the local community of Hillary and Carrington Heights earlier on this month. This is part of our Foundation’s Little Changes program which aims to get our