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Wally Fry is passionate about the environment, particularly where food production and farming is concerned. More specifically, he is well known for his determination in highlighting the detrimental impact that the meat, fish, poultry and dairy industries currently have on the planet. Because of its high degree of inefficiency compared to plant protein production, animal agriculture is disproportionately depleting the planet’s dwindling reserves of fresh water, land, fuel, and other resources. “The more that this is highlighted, the more the human consciousness as a whole will understand the need to minimize the impact we humans are inflicting on the environment,” Fry says.

Under Wally’s guidance, together with local partner organizations …


Debbie Fry

Debbie Fry has been a committed vegetarian from birth.  Born into a meat-loving family in South Africa, it was often difficult to refuse meat on the plate.  She met Wally Fry, a farmer and “3 meats and 1 veg man” in 1978.  Despite their differences at the dinner table, they married in 1980 and had their first child Tammy in 1981.  Tammy too was born a vegetarian and refused to eat meat.  Wally was outnumbered! Wally later became a passionate vegetarian and together with Debbie they fought for animal rights and environmental causes. After having eaten meat his whole life, Wally struggled with “spinach and feta“ or “broccoli and cauli” …


Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop

Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop is a passionate environmental advocate.  In 2010, as a Principal Scientist with Queensland state Department of Environment and Resources Management, Gerard ended 37 years of remote sensing, surveying and mapping in federal and state government.  He now works for NGO Beyond Zero Emissions on their Land Use Plan, a plan to take Australia’s land use and agriculture emission beyond zero, and for London-based environmental NGO World Preservation Foundation.  He also conducts a climate-friendly building design service.

With the federal government he worked with the team that mapped the Great Barrier Reef for its World Heritage listing.  This involved serious work, although living and working on …