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Children’s Day Celebration at G.J Crookes Hospital

Posted on: December 10th, 2014 by fffoundationuseruser No Comments

Fry’s Family Foods and the Radiography Department at G.J Crookes Hospital recently hosted a Children’s Day Celebration for the children at the hospital. The two organisations worked closely together to put smiles on the faces of these children who suffer from terminal illnesses and third degree burns. Fry’s Family Foods provided Fry’s Country Mushroom Pies for each child. Fry’s is committed to make the world a better place by providing foods that are free from antibiotics, hormones, MSG and preservatives but high in fibre and protein.

Chanel Naidoo and Asheen Maniram (Brand Ambassadors at Fry’s) donated colouring books, colour pencils, bubbles, sweets and juices that made up goodie bags for each child. Chanel Naidoo also spent the entire day interacting and caring for these children.  The hospital and the children were very appreciative as lunch time meals usually always consisted of butter bread and tea.