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Sea Shepherd’s and Fry’s

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Here is an inspiring letter from Andrea Gordon, the Ship Manager of Sea Shepherd’s Bob Barker 

Hi Tammy and Wally,

I’m writing you from the Southern Ocean on board the M/Y Bob Barker. We are midway through Operation Relentless, a long and challenging campaign to defend the great whales from the illegal harpoons of a criminal whaling operation in a whale sanctuary.

After our three ships found the factory whaling ship, the Nisshin Maru, in early January in the middle of their bloody and barbaric business, we made sure the whalers had a disastrous January – which is normally the month they can kill the most whales.

The Bob Barker and Steve Irwin valiantly fought against a ruthless attack by the harpoon ships in rough weather. The Yushin Maru 3 hit the Bob Barker, damaging the starboard side of our bow. If you haven’t seen the footage, you can see the action on

The volunteer crew has been working round the clock. At sea, the ship operates 24 hours a day and there are no days off at sea, regardless of how rough or cold the conditions. Being at sea for three months is difficult enough in itself, but add confrontations with a whaling fleet, rough weather and ravenous crew members and you’ve got an exhausted galley team. Thanks to your generous donation of always delicious food, life at sea is much better!

We’re more grateful than ever for all the food you supplied the crew for this vegan Antarctic voyage. Thank you Fry’s for your kind donation and unwavering support. You’ve been supporting us for so long that we want you to know how much of a treat it is to have delicious, high protein products like yours at sea! The crew go crazy for them, it’s also a quick and easy meal for the galley to put out when the weather gets rough. We love Fry’s!

Commitment to our clients is the reason why we spend 3 months in the harsh Southern Ocean pursuing illegal whalers. In the last couple months, we have been visited by young and curious minke whales not yet aware of the horror of the harpoons, jumping humpbacks, and magnificent endangered fin whales. We know each of these individuals, many of whom are new mothers and juveniles, could be the whalers’ next victim.

Thanks to your meaningful support for Operation Relentless and previous whale defense campaigns, we can continue being effective saving whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and ensuring the sanctuary is actually a place of peace and refuge for the whales. Every whale saved is a victory, and a victory you are helping achieve.

 For the oceans,

Andrea Gordon
Ship Manager, M/Y Bob Barker