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Wally Fry is passionate about the environment, particularly where food production and farming is concerned. More specifically, he is well known for his determination in highlighting the detrimental impact that the meat, fish, poultry and dairy industries currently have on the planet. Because of its high degree of inefficiency compared to plant protein production, animal agriculture is disproportionately depleting the planet’s dwindling reserves of fresh water, land, fuel, and other resources. “The more that this is highlighted, the more the human consciousness as a whole will understand the need to minimize the impact we humans are inflicting on the environment,” Fry says.

Under Wally’s guidance, together with local partner organizations including DO SOMETHING launched the global concept of Meat Free Mondays into the country – a campaign which urges all Australian to pledge their support and make a difference by not eating meat, fish or chicken every Monday and to highlight the fact that livestock farming is one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems. Giving up meat one day a week not only greatly benefits the planet, but also animals.

Wally and Debbie Fry started Fry’s Family Foods 21 years ago by experimenting in their family kitchen to find protein alternatives for their own consumption. Today, this company has become an international success producing thousands of tons of vegan-only products per year, and employing over 300 people. Fry’s Family Foods recognise that their day to day activities have an impact on the environment. They are steadfast in minimizing this impact by ensuring that all their raw materials are not genetically modified (Non GM), are sustainable and are continuously taking measures to reduce their CO2 footprint. Fry’s Family products are manufactured in a dedicated meat free factory and carries endorsements from the highest authorities on vegetarianism in the world. Products are available in over 12 000 outlets, not only locally, but as far afield as the United Kingdom, Australia, India and Dubai.


Wally was last November invited to address delegates at the World Preservation Foundation Conference in London. This conference, entitled “Leaders Preserving our Future: Pace and Priorities on Climate Change” brought together world leading scientists, campaigners, politicians and celebrities to debate and discuss solutions to climate change. A main focus of this conference was the environmental impact of food production and farming in relation to global food and water security. Wally formed part of a high profile panel discussion to explore food production, farming and the environment.  He was the ONLY speaker asked to represent industry WORLDWIDE.

In his presentation at this conference, Wally was quoted as saying that we need to awaken intellect within industry.”By using the environment as our master instructor, we need to start the environmental revolution which will go down in history as a far greater thing than the industrial revolution ever was”.

Wally is an inspirational speaker – he speaks at a number of sustainability conferences and covers a wide range of topics including how to reduce our impact on the environment, food choices and climate change, consciousness and “making a profit without compromising ethics and values” and entrepreneurship.

Fry’s Family Foods was, in 2010, announced as Emerging Entrepreneur winners of Ernst & Young’s South African chapter of the World Entrepreneur Awards and KZN Top Business in 2011