Charity No: 160 883 447

Why we do it


To assist human beings to “live kinder” – help ever, hurt never.

  •  A Meat Free World where animals are not abused in any way
  • Raising awareness and consciousness about the plight of our planet
  • To teach the word to “think before you eat” – eat to live and not live to eat.
  • Initiate change.



The fundamental goal of Fry’s Family Foundation is to operate in a manner that demonstrates and acknowledges awareness of the survivability of the earth. The decline in health of the natural world is reflected in the loss of biodiversity, cultural diversity and the planet’s life support systems.

The causes of such may be attributed to basic values embodied in our economic system and the erosion of values of the corporate world, including dominance of expansion and short-term profit, which supersedes quality, sustainability, environmental and human health and successful communities.

Fry’s Family Foundation will attempt to, in some way, alleviate the environmental and social crises of our times.

We aim to assist non-profit environmental groups and animal rights organizations by donating monies and products to them as well as using marketing efforts to educate the public on the negative effects of mass animal agriculture on the environment, animals and human health.

“We want to make this world possible”